About Us

The brand has been started by Meenakshi Talukdar & Jagriti Prasad with the vision of bringing both trendy & timeless jewellery under one umbrella of Lady Finch. 


While Jagriti is a lover of minimal, feminine jewellery, Meenakshi believes that making bold jewellery choices can uplift any outfit (and mood !). They both like their jewellery designs elegant & versatile - seeing you through all occasions & dress codes . 


Lady Finch jewellery carries a mix of pieces that have been designed in-house & made in small workshops, manufactured by Indian manufacturers or curated from small individual karigars in India. Very occasionally we may include pieces that are partly or fully imported.  It is our endeavour to empower Indian karigars who work tirelessly to make intricate designs for Lady Finch & collaborate with us to constantly innovate and make beautiful, unique designs come to life.